Quality and Craftsmanship


Our goal at Homestead Roofing Company is to provide the very best service to our customers. We care about the aesthetics of our special Greater Heights neighborhoods, which consist of many beautiful slate and tile roofs. We believe in an open, honest and transparent approach to building long term client relationships.

Homestead Roofing Company’s expert roofing crews are able to match the weathering patterns throughout our Cleveland communities. We have special slate that fits perfectly into the slate roofs around the sprawling Shaker Lakes, on the stately stucco with Spanish tile in Cleveland Heights, all the slate roofs on the neat family homes in University Heights and of course the large and very steep Rockefeller houses in Forest Hills. The very best slate roof repair is one you cannot see. In other words, the slates look even and untouched, without a change in color, size or weathering.

Ludowici Tile Company has a long history in Cleveland, Ohio and continues to manufacture clay roofing tiles in Ohio. Throughout the first half of the 20th century, many homes built in Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights, Beachwood, Forest Hills and Pepper Pike have Ludowici Tile on their roof. One of the most durable man made roofing materials, after over half a century, countless roofs still have the original tile in great condition. It is with thoughtful maintenance and timely seasonal repairs that we can keep these clay tile roofs looking and performing at their best. We also match all repairs to the historic clay tile roofs in our area. We have many obscure pieces that are no longer fabricated by Ludowici and many of our clients have “private pallets” of tiles marked and set aside in our warehouse.  

Why Use Homestead Roofing


We specialize in slate and tile roof restoration and copper work. The following list includes many things associated with slate and/or tile roofs. If something of interest is not listed, most likely there is a reason, but it never hurts to ask. We do not service asphalt shingle roofs or offer asphalt shingle re-roofs or tear offs.

Guard Installation, Slate Relays, Commercial Heat Cable Installation, Snow Guard Installation, Leak Diagnostics, Ventilation Installation

We use 16 ounce sheet copper for all of our flashings. All flashings are custom fabricated in our shop, by our craftsmen.  

Copper Valley Flashings, Copper Chimney Flashings, Copper Sidewall Flashings, Copper Apron Flashings, Copper Vent Stack Sleeve Flashings, Copper Skylight Flashings, Copper Ridge Metal, Copper Scupper Boxes, Copper Leader Heads

We also fabricate various architectural roof covers out of sheet copper.

Custom copper standing seam roofs and custom copper flat panel soldered seam roof covers. Cupola roof covers, dormer roof covers, bay window covers, coping wall covers, copper chimney baskets.

Slate and tile roofs need a gutter system.  This system is a very important part of the house as a waterproof structure. If your gutters are not the correct installation or in disrepair you will have water problems. It is very important to take good care of your gutters. Rotten wood behind gutters can lead to mold, insects, even squirrels moving into the attic. Many gutter installation companies promise “maintenance free” systems with attached leaf catching contraptions. In our experience, these leaf catching contraptions cause more harm than good. Every year we remove more and more “maintenance free gutters” for our clients with a slate or tile roof. If you are considering one of these systems, and have a slate or tile roof, please give us a call before signing the contract. We are always happy to provide a free consultation and estimate.

Half Round Copper Gutters, Built-in Copper Gutters, World Gutter Systems Inc., Seamless Copper Gutters, Ogee ‘k’ Copper Gutters, Flange Back Custom Copper Gutters, Half Round World Gutter Systems Inc., Seamless Steel Gutters, Ogee ‘k’ style steel gutters, Aluminum .032 heavy duty aluminum ogee ‘k’ gutters 

Mule-Hide modified bitumen rolled roofing materials from ABC Supply in Mentor, OH, Copper and Brass Sales - a local representative of ThyssenKrupp Materials NA, MAZE Copper Slating Nails - made in the USA, Copperfield Chimney Supply and Greenstone Slate Quarry, Poultney VT

Preserving Our Planet & Community


Historic preservation. Roofing restoration. These are big ideals in the disposable world we live in and it's not easy to say “we don’t do new roofs.”  Homestead Roofing Company is happy to share our knowledge and expertise with slate and tile roof homeowners.  We are also constantly researching new techniques to stay current and up to date with new technology and 21st century materials available to roofing contractors.  

In order to reduce waste and recycle, every last piece of worn out metal is taken to the community recycle center.  From small aluminum gutters to original copper flashings, the old rusty nails in slates to tiny green copper rivets. Our extensive inventory of reclaimed slates is the best green practice in the roofing industry.

Our Neighbors


Homestead Roofing Company is a locally owned and operated small business and we are proud to be a member of the community. Our office and roofing warehouse is located at Monticello and Green in South Euclid, Ohio.

In an effort to reduce our fuel usage and carbon footprint on our precious planet, we service a small area that includes:  Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights, Forest Hills, Bratenahl, University Heights, Beachwood, Pepper Pike, Hunting Valley, Gates Mills, Chagrin Falls and Moreland Hills.